Man pages for oxcovid19
An R API to the Oxford COVID-19 Database

cite_sourcesCite data sources
connect_oxcovid19Initiate a connection to the OxCOVID19 PostgreSQL database
data_sourcesData sources for OxCOVID19 Database
data_structuresData structures for OxCOVID19 Database
get_dataGet data from specified table based on specified query...
get_layerGet specified spatial layer from OxCOVID19 Database
get_metadataGet remote table metadata
get_tableGet specified table from OxCOVID19 Database
list_fieldsList out field names of specific tables available from...
list_tablesList out names of tables available from OxCOVID19 Database
oxcovid19An R API to the Oxford COVID-19 Database
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