Man pages for pGPx
Pseudo-Realizations for Gaussian Process Excursions

compute_contourLengthCompute contour lenghts
computeVolumesCompute Excursion Volume Distribution
dtt_fastRcpp implementation of Felzenszwalb distance transfom
DTVCompute Distance Transform Variability
edm_critDistance in measure criterion
edm_crit2Distance in measure criterion
expDistMeasureCompute expected distance in measure of approximate excursion...
grad_kweightsGradient of the weights for interpolating simulations
integrand_edm_critIntegrand of the distance in measure criterion
krig_weight_GPsimuWeights for interpolating simulations
max_distance_measureMinimize the distance in measure criterion
max_integrand_edmMaximize the integrand distance in measure criterion
optim_dist_measureChoose simulation points
pGPxPseudo-realizations for GP eXcursion
simulate_and_interpolateSimulate and interpolate
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