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Performance Attribution for Equity Portfolios

brinsonCreating an object of either class brinson or class...
brinson-classClass "brinson"
brinsonMulti-classClass "brinsonMulti"
exposureCalculate and display the sector exposure of a portfolio
janEdited Barra data set in Jan. 2010.
pa-internalInternal functions in the package
pa-packageBrinson analysis for equity portfolios
plotPlot the exposure or the return of a brinson, brinsonMulti,...
quarterEdited Barra data set for Q1, 2010.
regressCreate an object of either class regress or class...
regression-classClass "regression"
regressionMulti-classClass "regressionMulti"
returnsCalculate the attribution results
summaryProvide a summary for Brinson or regression analysis
testA sample portfolio edited based on Barra data set in Jan....
yearEdited Barra data set in year 2010.
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