Man pages for packHV
A few Useful Functions for Statisticians

compareComparing two databases assumed to be identical
convert_factorConvert variables of a data frame in factors
convert_zero_NAConvert 0s in NA
cut_quantiCut a quantitative variable in n equal parts
descMaking descriptive statistics
hist_boxplotPlot a histogram with a boxplot below
IC_OR_glmOR and their confidence intervals for logistic regressions
IC_RR_coxphRR and their confidence intervals for Cox models
multi.tableMulti cross table
packHV-packageA few useful functions for statisticians
plot_kmKaplan-Meier plot with number of subjects at risk below
plot_mmSpaghetti plot and plot of the mean at each time
plot_multi.tablePlot a multi cross table
plot_regPlot points with the corresponding linear regression line
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