Man pages for packager
Create, Build and Maintain Packages

add_github_url_to_descAdd a github URL to File 'DESCRIPTION'
add_newsAdd a Development Section to ''
as.packageCoerce Input to a Package
check_archiveCheck a Package Archive
check_codetagsCheck for Code Tags
check_cyclomatic_complexityCheck Cyclomatic Complexity
check_newsCheck for '' Being Up to Date
check_usageCheck Usage with 'codetools" 'checkUsagePackage'
createCreate a Package Template
eval_from_logEvaluate a File's Tagged Lines
extract_vignette_codesExtract and Save R Code Vignettes
get_check_statusRetrieve Check Status From a Log File
get_gitlab_logRead a gitlab Check Log
get_optionsGet Options For Packages
get_package_makelistProvide a 'makelist' Suitable for Packages with 'packager'
get_package_versionQuery Installed Package Versions
get_pkg_archive_pathCreate a Package's Archive Path From the Package's...
git_add_commitGit Add All Changes and Commit
git_diffShow a Git Diff for a File
git_tagCreate a Git Tag Based on the Current Version Number
grep_log'Grep' Lines From a File
infectAdjust a Package
install_depsInstall Dependencies From a Package's DESCRIPTION
is_r_packageIs a Directory an R Package Root Directory?
is_version_sufficientIs a Version Requirement Met?
lint_packageCustomize 'lintr::lint_package'
mark_lintsMark Lints by Name Suffix
packager-packageHelps Me Create, Build and Maintain Packages
provide_cran_commentsProvide a Template for Your Comments To CRAN
provide_gitlab_urlProvide a gitlab URL for a Given Path
provide_makeProvide File 'make.R'
provide_news_rdConvert '' to 'inst/NEWS.rd'
rcmdcheck_and_logRun 'rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck' and Write to Log
remove_linesRemove Lines From a File
set_desc_urlSet a 'DESCRIPTION' File's URL Field
set_optionsSet Options For Packages
set_package_infoSet a Package's Info
sort_deps_in_descSort Fields 'Import', 'Depends' and 'Suggests' 'DESCRIPTION'
submitRelease a Package to CRAN
throwThrow a Condition
update_depsUpdate Dependencies for a Package Directory
use_bsd2clause_licenseUse the BSD-2-Clause License
use_build_ignoreAdd Files to '.Rbuildignore'
use_dev_versionUse a Development Version in DESCRIPTION and ''
use_directoryUse a Directory
use_git_check_version_not_taggedCheck to Not Commit to a Tagged Version
use_git_pre_commit_scriptUse a Script as git pre-commit hook
use_templateUse a Template
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