Man pages for pacman
Package Management Tool

p_authorPackage Author
p_baseBase Install Packages
p_bootScript Header: Ensure 'pacman' is Installed
p_citationPackage Citation
p_cranCRAN Packages
p_dataPackage Data Sets
p_deletePermanently Remove Package Removal(s) From Library
p_dependsPackage Dependencies
p_detectOSDetects Operating System
p_existsChecks if Package is On CRAN/In Local Library
p_extractConvert String With Commas Into Elements
p_functionsPackage Functions
p_helpPackage Help Manual
p_informationPackage Information
p_installInstalls & Loads Packages
p_install_ghInstalls & Loads GitHub Packages
p_install_versionInstall Minimal Package Version
p_install_version_ghInstall Minimal GitHub Package Version
p_interactiveInteractive Package Exploration
p_isinstalledChecks if Package is Installed
p_libraryDisplay Library Packages
p_loadLoad One or More Packages
p_load_current_ghForce Install and Load One or More GitHub Packages
p_loadedCheck for Loaded Packages
p_load_ghLoad One or More GitHub Packages
p_newsPackage/R News
p_oldCompare Installed Packages with CRAN-like Repositories
p_opendirAttempts to open a directory in a file browser
p_pathPath to Library of Add-On Packages
print.p_version_diffPrints a p_version_diff Object
print.search_anyPrints a search_any Object
print.wide_tablePrints a wide_table Object
p_search_anySearch CRAN Packages by Maintainer, Author, Version or...
p_search_libraryPartial Matching Package Search
p_set_cranrepoCheck if Repo is Set
p_tempInstall a Package Temporarily
p_unloadUnloads package(s)
p_unlockDelete 00LOCK Directory
p_updateUpdate Out-of-Date Packages
p_versionPackage Version
p_vignetteView Package Vignette(s)
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