pairwiseCI: Confidence Intervals for Two Sample Comparisons

Calculation of the parametric, nonparametric confidence intervals for the difference or ratio of location parameters, nonparametric confidence interval for the Behrens-Fisher problem and for the difference, ratio and odds-ratio of binomial proportions for comparison of independent samples. Common wrapper functions to split data sets and apply confidence intervals or tests to these subsets. A by-statement allows calculation of CI separately for the levels of further factors. CI are not adjusted for multiplicity.

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AuthorFrank Schaarschmidt [aut, cre], Daniel Gerhard [aut]
Date of publication2015-08-06 15:15:24
MaintainerFrank Schaarschmidt <>

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Man pages Coercing pairwiseCI objects to data.frames Coerce pairwiseMEP objects to data.frames

behenic: Measurements of behenic acid in two samples

cabbage: Yield of cabbage in one-factorial field trial

MOVERR: MOVER-R method by Donner and Zhou (2012) Nonparametric test and confidence interval based on relative...

Oats: The Oats data set

Overdispersed.binomial.ratio: Confidence intervals for risk ratios of overdispersed...

pairwiseCI: Wrapper function for two-sample confidence intervals

pairwiseCIInt: Internal functions for pairwiseCI

pairwiseCImethodsCont: Confidence intervals for two sample comparisons of continuous...

pairwiseCImethodsCount: Confidence intervals for two sample comparisons of count data

pairwiseCImethodsProp: Confidence intervals for two sample comparisons of binomial...

pairwiseCI.package: Wrapper functions for two-sample confidence intervals and...

pairwiseMEP: Wrapper to compute confidence intervals for multiple...

pairwiseTest: Wrapper to calculate unadjusted p-values for pairwise...

pairwiseTestInt: Internal functions for pairwiseTest

plotCI.pairwiseMEP: Plot confidence intervals

plot.pairwiseCI: Plotting the output of pairwiseCI

print.pairwiseCI: Print function for "pairwiseCI"

print.pairwiseTest: Print function for "pairwiseTest"

print.summary.pairwiseCI: Print function for "summary.pairwiseCI"

print.summary.pairwiseTest: Print function for "summary.pairwiseTest"

profileDG: Construct a (quasi-) likelihood-profile

Prop.test: Wrapper to prop.test(stats)

QBmover: Confidence intervals for ratios of proportions based on the...

repellent: Repellent effect of sulphur in eight concentrations

rooting: Rooting (success/failure) of plants in a 3-factorial field...

sodium: Sodium contents in transgenic and isogenic corn

summary.pairwiseCI: Summary function for pairwiseCI

summary.pairwiseTest: Summary function for "pairwiseTest"

Functions Man page Man page
behenic Man page
Betabin.ratio Man page
cabbage Man page
HD.diff Man page
HD.ratio Man page
HL.diff Man page
HL.ratio Man page
Lognorm.diff Man page
Lognorm.ratio Man page
Median.diff Man page
Median.ratio Man page
MOVERR Man page
Negbin.ratio Man page Man page
Oats Man page
ODbin.ratio Man page
pairwiseCI Man page
pairwiseCICont Man page
pairwiseCImethodsCont Man page
pairwiseCImethodsCount Man page
pairwiseCImethodsProp Man page
pairwiseCI-package Man page
pairwiseCIProp Man page
pairwiseMEP Man page Man page
pairwiseTest Man page
pairwiseTestCont Man page
pairwiseTestInt Man page
pairwiseTestProp Man page
Param.diff Man page
Param.ratio Man page
plotCI.pairwiseCI Man page
plotCI.pairwiseMEP Man page
plot.pairwiseCI Man page
Poisson.ratio Man page
print.pairwiseCI Man page
print.pairwiseTest Man page
print.summary.pairwiseCI Man page
print.summary.pairwiseTest Man page
profileDG Man page
Prop.diff Man page
Prop.or Man page
Prop.ratio Man page
Prop.test Man page
QBmover Man page
Quasibin.ratio Man page
Quasipoisson.ratio Man page
repellent Man page
rooting Man page
sodium Man page
summary.pairwiseCI Man page
summary.pairwiseTest Man page

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