Man pages for palm
Fitting Point Process Models via the Palm Likelihood

boot.palmBootstrapping for fitted models
coef.palmExtract parameter estimates.
confint.palmExtracts Neyman-Scott point process parameter confidence...
example.1D1-dimensional example data
example.2D2-dimensional example data
example.twocameraTwo-camera example data.
fit.nsFitting a Neyman-Scott point process model
fit.twocameraEstimation of animal density from two-camera surveys.
fit.voidFitting a model to a void point process
palmpalm: A package to fit point process models via the Palm...
plot.palmPlotting an estimated Palm intensity function.
porpoise.dataTwo-camera porpoise data.
sim.nsSimulating points from a Neyman-Scott point process
sim.twocameraSimulating data from two-camera aerial surveys.
sim.voidSimulating points from a void point process.
summary.palmSummarising palm model fits
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