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Color Palettes, Colormaps, and Tools to Evaluate Them

bivariateBivariate palettes
brewerColorBrewer palettes
continuousMiscellaneous colormaps
discreteDiscrete palettes
kovesiPeter Kovesi's perceptually uniform colormaps
matplotlibMatplotlib colormaps
niccoliMatteo Niccoli's perceptually uniform colormaps
oceanOceanography perceptually uniform colormaps
pal.bandsShow palettes and colormaps as colored bands
pal.channelsShow the red, green, blue, gray amount in colors of a palette
pal.clusterShow a palette with hierarchical clustering
pal.compressCompress a colormap function to fewer colors
pal.csfShow a colormap with a Campbell-Robson Contrast Sensitivity...
pal.cubeShow one palette/colormap in three dimensional RGB or LUV...
pal.distMeasure the pointwise distance between two palettes
pal.heatmapShow a palette/colormap with a heatmap
pal.mapShow a palette using a map of U.S. counties
pal.maxdistMeasure the maximum distance between two palettes
palspals: A package for comprehensive palettes and palette...
pal.safeShow a palette/colormap for black/white and colorblind safety
pal.scatterShow a colormap with a scatterplot
pal.sinerampShow a colormap with a sineramp
pal.testShow a colormap with multiple images
pal.volcanoShow a colormap with a surface of volcano elevation
pal.zcurveShow a colormap with a space-filling z-curve
penobscotSeismic data horizon offshore of Nova Scotia.
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