Man pages for panelr
Regression Models and Utilities for Repeated Measures and Panel Data

are_varyingCheck if variables are constant or variable over time.
asymEstimate asymmetric effects models using first differences
asym_geeAsymmetric effects models fit with GEE
complete_dataFilter out entities with too few observations
fdmEstimate first differences models using GLS
fdm_tidiersTidy methods for 'fdm' and 'asym' models
formula.wbmRetrieve model formulas from 'wbm' objects
get_waveRetrieve panel_data metadata
heiseEstimate Heise stability and reliability coefficients
is_panelCheck if object is panel_data
line_plotPlot trends in longitudinal variables
long_panelConvert wide panels to long format
make_diff_dataGenerate differenced and asymmetric effects data
make_wb_dataPrepare data for within-between modeling
model_frameMake model frames for panel_data objects
nlsyNational Longitudinal Survey of Youth data
nobs.wbmNumber of observations used in 'wbm' models
panel_dataCreate panel data frames
predict.wbgeePredictions and simulations from within-between GEE models
predict.wbmPredictions and simulations from within-between models
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
summary.panel_dataSummarize panel data frames
teen_povertyNational Longitudinal Survey of Youth teenage women poverty...
unpanelConvert panel_data to regular data frame
WageDataEarnings data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics
wbgeePanel regression models fit with GEE
wbgee_tidiersTidy methods for 'wbgee' models
wbmPanel regression models fit via multilevel modeling
wbm-classWithin-Between Model ('wbm') class
wbm_stanBayesian estimation of within-between models
wbm_tidiersTidy methods for 'wbm' models
widen_panelConvert long panel data to wide format
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