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Portfolio Allocation and Risk Management. Models and Methods for scenario and moment based optimization of portfolios.


Package: parma
Type: Package
Version: 1.5-2
Date: 2014-07-09
License: GPL
LazyLoad: yes
Depends: methods
Imports: nloptr, Rglpk, quadprog
Suggests: Rsymphony, truncnorm, timeSeries

The portfolio allocation and risk managament applications (parma) package contains a unique set of methods and models for the optimal allocation of capital in financial portfolios. It uniquely represents certain discontinuous problems using their smooth approximation counterparts and implements fractional based programming for the direct optimization of risk-to-reward ratios. In combination with the rmgarch package, it enables the confident solution to scenario based optimization problems using such risk and deviation measures as Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD), Variance (EV), Minimax, Conditional Value at Risk (CVaR), Conditional Drawdown at Risk (CDaR) and Lower Partial Moments (LPM). In addition, it implements moment based optimization for use with the quadratic EV problem, and a higher moment CARA utility expansion using the coskewness and cokurtosis matrices generated from the GO-GARCH with affine GH or NIG distributions. Benchmark relative optimization (tracking error) is also implemented as are basic mixed integer cardinality constraints. Finally, for non-convex problem formulations such as the upper to lower partial moments function, global optimization methods using a penalty based method are available. The key functions in the package are parmaspec which defines the optimization setup, and parmasolve which solves the problem given a chosen representation and solver. A portfolio frontier function is implemented in parmafrontier, utility optimization in parmautility and a custom translation of the cmaes global optimization solver of Hansen (2006) with full features is implemented in cmaes.

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Whenever using this package, please cite as

 author       = {Alexios Ghalanos and Bernhard Pfaff},
 title        = {{parma}: Portfolio Allocation and Risk Management Applications.},
 year         = {2014},
 note 	      = {R package version 1.5-1.},}


The releases of this package is licensed under GPL version 3.


Alexios Ghalanos and Bernhard Pfaff


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