Man pages for parsermd
Formal Parser and Related Tools for R Markdown Documents

as_astConvert an object into an 'rmd_ast'.
as_documentConvert an 'rmd_ast', 'rmd_tibble', or any ast node into...
chunk_optionsGet and set code chunk options
parse_rmdParse an R Markdown document
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
renderRender 'parsermd' objects using 'rmarkdown::render()'
rmd_check_templateCheck an Rmd against a template
rmd_nodermd node utility functions
rmd_node_sectionsFind the sections for each rmd object node
rmd_selectSelect nodes of an Rmd ast
rmd_select_helpersRmd selection helper functions
rmd_sourceSource the code chunks of an Rmd document
rmd_subsetSubset the nodes of an rmd object
rmd_subset_utilrmd_subset utility functions
rmd_templateCreate a template from an 'rmd' object.
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