Man pages for parsetools
Parse Tools

accessorsAccessor functions
all_grouping_idsget the grouping ids
all_root_nodesFind all root node from parse data
assignmentsAssignment Node Navigation.
callsCall nodes
clean_tag_commentsclean tag comments
extract_test_blockExtract testing blocks from the parse-data.
extract_test_blocksextract tests from a file.
family-nodesFamily-wise Node Identification and Navigation.
function-nodesFunction Nodes
get_family_pdGet family of nodes.
get_parse_dataParse Data
iff-blocksIFF Blocks
if-statementsIf Statement Nodes
internalMake a function operate internal to parsetools
n_childrenCount the number of children
pd_all_tagged_iff_block_idsFind all tagged 'if(FALSE)' blocks.
pd_class_definitionsTest for Class Definitions
pd_get_closest_call_idGet the closest call ID.
pd_get_iff_associated_name_idFind the name that should be associated with an 'if(FALSE)'...
pd_get_relative_comment_associated_idsAssociate relative documentation comments
pd_get_tagged_comment_idsGet tagged comment ids
pd_has_tagCheck if there is a documentation '@' tag.
pd_identifyGet the ID for an object
pd_is_commentIs this a comment?
pd_is_groupingtest if an id is a grouping element
pd_make_is_in_callCreate a function to test if an id is contained in a type
pd_reconstituteReconstitute Expressions
rootRoot IDs
strip_doc_comment_leadsRemove the characters identifying a documentation comment.
strip_tagRemove a tag that identified a line.
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