Man pages for partitionComparison
Implements Measures for the Comparison of Two Partitions

adjustedRandIndexAdjusted Rand Index
baulieu1Baulieu Index 1
baulieu2Baulieu Index 2
classificationErrorDistanceClassification Error Distance
compareAllCompare two partitions with all measures
computePairCoefficientsCompute the four coefficients N_{11}, N_{10}, N_{01}, N_{00}
czekanowskiCzekanowski Index
dongensMetricDongen's Metric
fagerMcGowanFager & McGowan Index
folwkesMallowsIndexFolwkes & Mallows Index
gammaStatisticsGamma Statistics
goodmanKruskalGoodman & Kruskal Index
gowerLegendreGower & Legendre Index
hamannHamann Coefficient
jaccardCoefficientJaccard Coefficient
kulczynskiKulczynski Index
larsenAoneLarsen & Aone Measure
lermanIndexLerman Index
mcconnaugheyMcConnaughey Index
minkowskiMeasureMinkowski Measure
mirkinMetricMirkin Metric
mutualInformationMutual Information
NMethod to retrieve the complex coefficient N
N00Method to retrieve the coefficient N_{00}
N01Method to retrieve the coefficient N_{01}
N01pMethod to retrieve the complex coefficient N'_{01}
N10Method to retrieve the coefficient N_{10}
N10pMethod to retrieve the complex coefficient N'_{10}
N11Method to retrieve the coefficient N_{11}
N12Method to retrieve the complex coefficient N_{12}
N21Method to retrieve the complex coefficient N_{21}
normalizedLermanIndexNormalized Lerman Index
normalizedMutualInformationNormalized Mutual Information
PairCoefficients-classS4 class to represent coefficients of object pairs for the...
Partition-classSimple S4 class to represent a partition of objects as vector...
partitionComparison-packagepartitionComparison: Implements Measures for the Comparison...
pearsonPearson Index
peircePeirce Index
projectionNumberCompute the projection number of two partitions
randIndexRand Index
registerPartitionVectorSignaturesMake comparison measures usable with any vectors
rogersTanimotoRogers & Tanimoto Index
russelRaoRussel & Rao Index
rvCoefficientRV Coefficient
sokalSneath1Sokal & Sneath Index 1
sokalSneath2Sokal & Sneath Index 2
sokalSneath3Sokal & Sneath Index 3
subset-Partition-methodSubsetting Partition instances
variationOfInformationVariation of Information
wallaceIWallace I
wallaceIIWallace II
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