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Periodic Autoregressive Time Series Models

acf.ext1Autocorrelation function for several transformations of the...
canunUnemployment in Canada (1960.1-1987.4)
canunsaUnemployment in Canada. (1960.1-1987.4). Seasonally Adjusted an Autoregressive or Periodic Autoregressive Model
fit.partsm-classfit.partsm Class
fit.piarFit a Periodically Integrated Autoregressive Model.
fit.piartsm-classfit.piartsm Class
Fnextp.testTest for the Significance of the p+1 Autoregressive...
Fpari.piar.testTest for a Parameter Restriction in a PAR Model.
Fpar.testTest for Periodic Variation in the Autoregressive Parameters
Fsh.testTest for Seasonal Heteroskedasticity
Ftest.partsm-classFtest.partsm Class
gergnpReal GNP in Germany (1960.1-1990.4)
gergnpsaReal GNP in Germany (1960.1-1990.4). Seasonally Adjusted
LRurpar.testLikelihood Ratio Test for a Single Unit Root in a PAR(p)...
LRur.partsm-classLRur.partsm Class
MVPAR-classMVPAR Class
PAR.MVreprMultivariate representation of a PAR model
PAR.MVrepr-methodMethod for Building the Matrices for the Multivariate...
plotpdiffGraphical Representation of the Periodically Differenced Data
plotpredpiarPlot of the Out-of-Sample Forecasts in a PIAR Model
predictpiarPredictions for a Restricted Periodic Autoregressive Model
pred.piartsm-classpred.piartsm Class
show-methodsMethods for Function 'show' in Package 'partsm'
summary-methodsMethods for Function 'summary' in Package 'partsm'
swdipcReal per Capita Disposable Income in Sweden (1963.1-1988.1)
swndcpcReal per Capita non-durables Consumption in Sweden (1963.1 -...
ukconsUnited Kingdom Total Consumption (1955.1-1988.4)
ukexpUnited Kindom Exports of Goods and Services (1955.1-1988.4)
ukgdpUnited Kingdom Gross Domestic Product (1955.1-1988.4)
ukimpUnited Kindom Imports of Goods and Services (1955.1-1988.4)
ukinvestReal Total Investment in the United Kindom (1955.1-1988.4)
ukndconsUnited Kindom non-durables Consumption (1955.1-1988.4)
ukpinvestUnited Kindom Public Investment (1962.1-1988.4)
ukwfUnited Kindom Workforce (1955.1-1988.4)
usaipiTotal Industrial Production Index for the United States...
usaipisaTotal Industrial Production Index for the United States...
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