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R package of utilities for handling paths, files and directories


To install, you first need the devtools package.


Then you can install the pathological package using


Decomposing paths

decompose_path splits a path into a directory name, file name (without extension), and a file extension. recompose_path reverses the effects of this function.

get_extension, strip_extension, and replace_extension allow manipulation of file extensions. They are smart enough to deal with double extensions like tar.gz.

On Windows, get_drive returns the drive name of the path.

Copying directories

copy_dir copies the contents of a directory.

Standardizing paths

standardize_path (and standardise_path, for British English fans) is a wrapper to base::normalizePath that standardizes the form of a path, to make them more easily comparable. You can choose whether you want back or forward slashes, and the inputs paths are given as names.

r_home, temp_dir, temp_file, system_file, and sys_which provide standardized versions of the similarly named base R functions.

Other utilities

os_path returns the operating system PATH environment variable as a character vector of stanardized paths.

On Windows, cygwinify_path makes paths suitable for use with cygwin.

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