Man pages for pawacc
Physical Activity with Accelerometers

aggAccFileAggregate Accelerometry Data
collapse.accfileCollapse raw accelerometer files into a summary dataset
dateSummaryDate summary for accelerometer files
errorCtsPerform error checking
fun.collapseSummary statistics
gt1mAccDirRead list of accelerometer files
gt1mAccFileRead a single accelerometer file
gt1m_sampleGT1M accelerometer file
gt3xAccDirRead list of accelerometer files
gt3xAccFileRead a single accelerometer file
gt3x_sampleGT3X accelerometer file
markbouts.acclistClassify accumulation of physical activity in bouts
markpa.acclistClassify mode of physical activity
markwear.acclistClassify wear and non-wear time
pawacc-internalInternal pawacc objects
pawacc-packagePhysical Activity with Accelerometers
plot.gt1mPlot accelerometer file
print.acclistPrint an 'accfile' or 'acclist' Object
readAccDirRead content of a directory with accelerometer files
tsFormatTime Stamping
tsFromEpochCalculate timestamp from epoch number or epoch number from...
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