apigateway_get_deployment: Gets information about a Deployment resource

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apigateway_get_deploymentR Documentation

Gets information about a Deployment resource


Gets information about a Deployment resource.

See https://www.paws-r-sdk.com/docs/apigateway_get_deployment/ for full documentation.


apigateway_get_deployment(restApiId, deploymentId, embed = NULL)



[required] The string identifier of the associated RestApi.


[required] The identifier of the Deployment resource to get information about.


A query parameter to retrieve the specified embedded resources of the returned Deployment resource in the response. In a REST API call, this embed parameter value is a list of comma-separated strings, as in ⁠GET /restapis/{restapi_id}/deployments/{deployment_id}?embed=var1,var2⁠. The SDK and other platform-dependent libraries might use a different format for the list. Currently, this request supports only retrieval of the embedded API summary this way. Hence, the parameter value must be a single-valued list containing only the "apisummary" string. For example, GET /restapis/{restapi_id}/deployments/{deployment_id}?embed=apisummary.

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