route53resolver_associate_resolver_rule: Associates a Resolver rule with a VPC

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route53resolver_associate_resolver_ruleR Documentation

Associates a Resolver rule with a VPC


Associates a Resolver rule with a VPC. When you associate a rule with a VPC, Resolver forwards all DNS queries for the domain name that is specified in the rule and that originate in the VPC. The queries are forwarded to the IP addresses for the DNS resolvers that are specified in the rule. For more information about rules, see create_resolver_rule.

See for full documentation.


route53resolver_associate_resolver_rule(ResolverRuleId, Name = NULL, VPCId)



[required] The ID of the Resolver rule that you want to associate with the VPC. To list the existing Resolver rules, use list_resolver_rules.


A name for the association that you're creating between a Resolver rule and a VPC.


[required] The ID of the VPC that you want to associate the Resolver rule with.

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