Man pages for pbdNCDF4
Programming with Big Data -- Interface to Parallel Unidata NetCDF4 Format Data Files

00_pbdNCDF4-packageProgramming with Big Data - Interface to Parallel Unidata...
01_nc_create_parCreate a parallel NetCDF File
01_nc_open_parOpen a parallel NetCDF File
01_nc_var_par_accessSwitch between collective and individual parallel access
02_ncdumpShell Command of ncdump
ancdf4Read, write, and create netCDF files (including version 4...
ancvar_putWrite data to a netCDF file
ncatt_getGet attribute from netCDF file
ncatt_putPut an attribute into a netCDF file
nc_closeClose a netCDF File
nc_createCreate a netCDF File
ncdf4-internalInternal ncdf4 functions
ncdim_defDefine a netCDF Dimension
nc_enddefTakes a netCDF file out of define mode
nc_openOpen a netCDF File
nc_redefPuts a netCDF file back into define mode
nc_syncSynchronize (flush to disk) a netCDF File
ncvar_addAdd New netCDF Variable to Existing File
ncvar_change_missvalChange the Missing Value For a netCDF Variable
ncvar_defDefine a netCDF Variable
ncvar_getRead data from a netCDF file
ncvar_renameRename an Existing Variable in a netCDF File
nc_versionReport version of ncdf4 library
print.ncdf4Print Information About a netCDF File
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