Man pages for pcoxtime
Penalized Cox Proportional Hazard Model for Time-Dependent Covariates

coef.pcoxtimeExtract coefficient estimates of pcoxtime object
coef.pcoxtimecvExtract coefficient estimates of pcoxtimecv object
coefvimp.pcoxtimeCoefficient variable importance
concordScore.pcoxtimeCompute the concordance statistic for the pcoxtime model
extractoptimal.pcoxtimecvExtract optimal parameter values
getResponseExtract response from the formula
parseFormulaParse formula and return response variable.
pcoxsurvfit.pcoxtimeCompute survival curve and cumulative hazard from a pcoxtime...
pcoxthemeSet theme for pcoxtime plots
pcoxtimeFit penalized Cox model
pcoxtimecvCross-validation for pcoxtime
pkgsExportImport and export various functions from various packages
plot.pcoxsurvfitPlot survival and cumulative hazard curves
plot.pcoxtimecvPlot solution path for pcoxtimecv
plot.ScorePrediction performance
plot.varimpGeneric method for plotting variable importance
predictedHazardCompute predicted hazard
predict.pcoxtimePrediction for pcoxtime model
predictRisk.pcoxtimeExtract predictions from pcoxtime model
predictSurvProb.pcoxtimePredict survival probabilities at various time points
print.pcoxbasehazPrint baseline hazard function data frame
print.pcoxsurvfitPrint a short summary of survival function
print.pcoxtimePrint coefficients from a pcoxtime object
print.pcoxtimecvPrint cross-validated pcoxtime object
pvimp.pcoxtimePermutation variable importance
risksetCompute the risk set indicator
simtdcSimulate survival data for time-dependent covariates
unscaleUnscale scaled predictors.
varimp.pcoxtimeCompute variable or coefficient importance score
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