Man pages for pdSpecEst
An Analysis Toolbox for Hermitian Positive Definite Matrices

ExpmRiemannian HPD exponential map
H.coeffOrthonormal basis expansion of a Hermitian matrix
InvWavTransf1DInverse AI wavelet transform for curve of HPD matrices
InvWavTransf2DInverse AI wavelet transform for surface of HPD matrices
LogmRiemannian HPD logarithmic map
MidGeodesic midpoint between HPD matrices
pdCARTTree-structured trace thresholding of wavelet coefficients
pdDepthData depth for HPD matrices
pdDistCompute distance between two HPD matrices
pdkMeansK-means clustering for HPD matrices
pdMeanWeighted Karcher mean of HPD matrices
pdMedianWeighted intrinsic median of HPD matrices
pdNevillePolynomial interpolation of curves (1D) or surfaces (2D) of...
pdParTransRiemannian HPD parallel transport
pdPgramMultitaper HPD periodogram matrix
pdPgram2DMultitaper HPD time-varying periodogram matrix
pdPolynomialGenerate intrinsic HPD polynomial curves
pdRankTestsRank-based hypothesis tests for HPD matrices
pdSpecClust1DIntrinsic wavelet HPD spectral matrix clustering
pdSpecClust2DIntrinsic wavelet HPD time-varying spectral clustering
pdSpecEstpdSpecEst: An Analysis Toolbox for Hermitian Positive...
pdSpecEst1DIntrinsic wavelet HPD spectral estimation
pdSpecEst2DIntrinsic wavelet HPD time-varying spectral estimation
pdSplineRegCubic smoothing spline regression for HPD matrices
rARMASimulate vARMA(2,2) time series
rExamples1DSeveral example curves of HPD matrices
rExamples2DSeveral example surfaces of HPD matrices
WavTransf1DForward AI wavelet transform for curve of HPD matrices
WavTransf2DForward AI wavelet transform for surface of HPD matrices
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