pedometrics: Pedometric Tools and Techniques

Functions to employ many of the tools and techniques used in the field of pedometrics.

AuthorAlessandro Samuel-Rosa [aut, cre], LĂșcia Anjos [ths], Gustavo Vasques [ths], Gerard Heuvelink [ths], Tony Olsen [ctb], Tom Kincaid [ctb], Juan Carlos Ruiz Cuetos [ctb], Maria Eugenia Polo Garcia [ctb], Pablo Garcia Rodriguez [ctb], Joshua French [ctb], Ken Kleinman [ctb], Dick Brus [ctb], Frank Harrell Jr [ctb], Ruo Xu [ctb]
Date of publication2015-12-03 23:20:20
MaintainerAlessandro Samuel-Rosa <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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adjR2 Man page
allFactor Man page
allInteger Man page
allNumeric Man page
allNumint Man page
anyFactor Man page
anyInteger Man page
anyNumeric Man page
anyNumint Man page
bbox2sp Man page
breakPoints Man page
buildMS Man page
cdfPlot Man page
cdfStats Man page
cdfTable Man page
checkGMU Man page
cont2cat Man page
coordenadas Man page
cramer Man page
gcpDiff Man page
gcpVector Man page
isNumint Man page
optimRandomForest Man page
pedometrics Man page
pedometrics-package Man page
plotESDA Man page
plotHD Man page
plotMS Man page
rowMinCpp Man page
statsMS Man page
stepVIF Man page
stratify Man page
trend.matrix Man page
trend.terms Man page
uniqueClass Man page
vgmICP Man page
vgmLags Man page
vgmSCV Man page
vgmSCV.georob Man page
vgmSCV.variogramModel Man page
vgmSCV.variomodel Man page
whichFactor Man page
whichInteger Man page
whichNumeric Man page
whichNumint Man page


pedometrics/R/trend.R pedometrics/R/cont2cat.R pedometrics/R/buildMS.R pedometrics/R/coordenadas.R pedometrics/R/vgmSCV.R pedometrics/R/cdfTable.R pedometrics/R/bbox2sp.R pedometrics/R/gcpVector.R pedometrics/R/checkGMU.R pedometrics/R/vgmICP.R pedometrics/R/cramer.R pedometrics/R/plotHD.R pedometrics/R/RcppExports.R pedometrics/R/numint.R pedometrics/R/optimRandomForest.R pedometrics/R/plotMS.R pedometrics/R/cdfStats.R pedometrics/R/vgmLags.R pedometrics/R/plotESDA.R pedometrics/R/stepVIF.R pedometrics/R/pedometrics.R pedometrics/R/AAAA.R pedometrics/R/adjR2.R pedometrics/R/cdfPlot.R pedometrics/R/statsMS.R pedometrics/R/gcpDiff.R
pedometrics/man/checkGMU.Rd pedometrics/man/stepVIF.Rd pedometrics/man/cdfTable.Rd pedometrics/man/vgmLags.Rd pedometrics/man/plotMS.Rd pedometrics/man/buildMS.Rd pedometrics/man/adjR2.Rd pedometrics/man/cdfStats.Rd pedometrics/man/gcpVector.Rd pedometrics/man/trend.Rd pedometrics/man/numint.Rd pedometrics/man/rowMinCpp.Rd pedometrics/man/pedometrics-package.Rd pedometrics/man/gcpDiff.Rd pedometrics/man/bbox2sp.Rd pedometrics/man/cramer.Rd pedometrics/man/plotESDA.Rd pedometrics/man/vgmICP.Rd pedometrics/man/cont2cat.Rd pedometrics/man/plotHD.Rd pedometrics/man/cdfPlot.Rd pedometrics/man/statsMS.Rd pedometrics/man/optimRandomForest.Rd pedometrics/man/coordenadas.Rd pedometrics/man/vgmSCV.Rd

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