Man pages for penppml
Penalized Poisson Pseudo Maximum Likelihood Regression

AtAComputing A'A
cluster_matrixCluster-robust Standard Error Estimation
collinearity_checkChecking for Perfect Multicollinearity
compute_fesFixed Effects Computation
countriesCountry ISO Codes
eigenMatMultFaster Matrix Multiplication
fastolsCppFaster Least Squares Estimation
fastridgeFinding Ridge Regression Solutions
fastridgeCppFaster Ridge Regression
faststddevFaster Standard Deviation
fastwmeanFaster Weighted Mean
genfesGenerating a List of Fixed Effects
genmodelGenerating Model Structure
hdfeppmlPPML Estimation with HDFE
hdfeppml_intPPML Estimation with HDFE
icebergIceberg Lasso Implementation (in development)
manyouterMany Outer Products
mlfitppmlGeneral Penalized PPML Estimation
mlfitppml_intGeneral Penalized PPML Estimation
penhdfeppmlOne-Shot Penalized PPML Estimation with HDFE
penhdfeppml_clusterPlugin Lasso Estimation
penhdfeppml_cluster_intPlugin Lasso Estimation
penhdfeppml_intOne-Shot Penalized PPML Estimation with HDFE
penppml-packagepenppml: Penalized Poisson Pseudo Maximum Likelihood...
pipePipe operator
plugin_lasso_intIceberg Lasso Implementation (in development)
select_fesFiltering fixed effect lists
standardize_wtWeighted Standardization
tradeInternational trade agreements data set
xeexXeeX Matrix Computation
xvalidateImplementing Cross Validation
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