Man pages for periscope
Enterprise Streamlined 'Shiny' Application Framework

add_left_sidebarAdd the left sidebar to an existing application.
add_reset_buttonAdd the reset button to an existing application.
add_right_sidebarAdd the right sidebar to an existing application.
add_ui_bodyAdd UI Elements to the Body area
add_ui_sidebar_advancedAdd UI Elements to the Sidebar (Advanced Tab)
add_ui_sidebar_basicAdd UI Elements to the Sidebar (Basic Tab)
add_ui_sidebar_rightAdd UI Elements to the Right Sidebar
bootstrappingBootstrapping the logging package.
create_new_applicationCreate a new templated framework application
downloadablePlotdownloadablePlot Module
downloadablePlotUIdownloadablePlot UI
downloadableTabledownloadableTable Module
downloadableTableUIdownloadableTable UI
downloadFiledownloadFile Module
downloadFile_AvailableTypesdownloadFile Helper
downloadFileButtondownloadFileButton UI
downloadFile_ValidateTypesdownloadFile Helper
getHandlerRetrieves a handler from a logger.
getLoggerSet defaults and get the named logger.
get_url_parametersGet URL Parameters
handlers-managementAdd a handler to or remove one from a logger.
inbuilt-actionsPredefined(sample) handler actions
logging-entrypointsEntry points for logging actions
loglevelsThe logging levels, names and values
periscopePeriscope Shiny Application Framework
remove_reset_buttonRemove the reset button from an existing application.
resetMsgComposerResets previously set message composer.
set_app_parametersSet Application Parameters
setLevelSet logging.level for the object.
setMsgComposerSets message composer for logger.
ui_tooltipInsert a standardized tooltip
updateOptionsChanges settings of logger or handler.
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