perm-package: Exact or Asymptotic linear permutation tests

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This package gives several methods for performing permutation tests.


Package: perm
Type: Package
Version: 1.0-0.0
Date: 2010-07-29
License: GPL

The package has three main functions, to perform linear permutation tests. These tests are tests where the test statistic is the sum of the product of a covariate (usually group indicator) and the scores. The three tests are: permTS to perform two sample permutation tests, permKS to perform K-sample permutation tests, permTREND to perform trend permutation tests on numeric values. By using suitable scores one can create for example, the permutation t-test (general scores), the Wilcoxon rank sum test (rank scores), the logrank test (need to use other functions to create these scores). The two sample test uses either exact (network algorithm, complete enumeration, or Monte Carlo) or asymptotic calculations (using permutational central limit theorem [pclt]), while the other tests use only the exact Monte Carlo or the pclt. Most (if not all) of the tests here are also implemented in the coin package. This package provides an independent validation of that package.

The perm package used by the interval package, and perm is described in Fay and Shaw (2010, Section 5).


Michael Fay

Maintainer: Michael Fay <>


Fay, MP and Shaw, PA (2010). Exact and Asymptotic Weighted Logrank Tests for Interval Censored Data: The interval R package. Journal of Statistical Software. 36 (2):1-34.

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