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Estimation and Validation Methods for Subgroup Identification and Personalized Medicine

check.overlapCheck propensity score overlap
create.augmentation.functionCreation of augmentation functions
create.propensity.functionCreation of propensity fitting function
fit.subgroupFitting subgroup identification models
LaLondeNational Supported Work Study Data
plotPlotting results for fitted subgroup identification models
plotComparePlot a comparison results for fitted or validated subgroup...
predictFunction to predict either benefit scores or treatment...
printPrinting results for fitted subgroup identification models
print.individual_treatment_effectsPrinting individualized treatment effects
subgroup.effectsComputes treatment effects within various subgroups
summarize.subgroupsSummarizing covariates within estimated subgroups
summarySummary of results for fitted subgroup identification models
treatment.effectsCalculation of covariate-conditional treatment effects
validate.subgroupValidating fitted subgroup identification models
weighted.ksvmFit weighted kernel svm model.
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