Man pages for petro.One
Statistics and Text Mining for Oil and Gas Papers from OnePetro Metadata

as_named_listTake objects and create a list using their names
custom_stopwordsDefault custom stop words
discipline_labelsDiscipline and Subject labels dataset
generate_offline_dataGenerate data for offline testing Mockup test data
get_papers_countNumber of paper for a given query
get_term_document_matrixA TermDocumentMatrix corpus objects
get_top_term_papersGet papers for top "N" terms
join_keywordsGet paper count and paper dataframe by joining keywords as...
make_search_urlMake a search URL for OnePetro
onepetro_page_to_dataframeReads a OnePetro URL and converts it to a dataframe
papers_by_publicationPapers by publication
papers_by_publisherPapers by publisher
papers_by_typeSummary by document type
papers_by_yearPapers by Year
petro.One-packageText mining and statistics for OnePetro papers petro.One
plot_barsPlot frequency distribution with horizontal bara
plot_cluster_dendrogramPlot a dendrogram
plot_relationshipsPlot a relationship diagram with weights
plot_wordcloudPlot a word cloud
read_multidocRead all OnePetro papers metadata by type of document
read_multipageReads metadata in groups of 1000 papers
read_onepetroRead OnePetro web page given a query URL
remove_duplicates_byRemove duplicate papers by a variable
run_papers_searchRun a papers search providing multiple keywords and...
summary_by_datesSummary by year
summary_by_doctypeSummary by document type
summary_by_publicationsSummary by publication
summary_by_publisherSummary by publisher
term_frequencyWord Frequency Dataframe
term_frequency_n_gramsFind the frequency for two or more words together
use_exampleUnpack an example
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