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Data on the chemical composition of coffee samples collected from around the world, comprising 43 samples from 29 countries. Each sample is either of the Arabica or Robusta variety. Twelve of the thirteen chemical constituents reported in the study are given. The omitted variable is total chlorogenic acid; it is generally the sum of the chlorogenic, neochlorogenic and isochlorogenic acid values.




A data frame with 43 observations and 14 columns. The first two columns contain Variety and Country, respectively, while the remaining 12 columns contain the chemical properties. The Variety is either (1) Arabica or (2) Robusta.


The German to English translations of the variable names were carried out by Dr. Sharon M. McNicholas.


Streuli, H. (1973). Der heutige stand der kaffeechemie. In Association Scientifique International du Cafe, 6th International Colloquium on Coffee Chemisrty, Bogata, Columbia, pp. 61–72.

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