Man pages for phiDelta
Tool for Phi Delta Analysis of Features

bordersborders of the phi delta space
calculate_deltacalculate delta
calculate_entropycalculate entropy
calculate_phicalculate phi
calculate_ratiocalculate ratio
climate_dataMeteorological data for feature selection analysis
c_matricesconfusion matrices
crossingsDiagram crossings
c_statisticsRaw Confusion Statistics
dist_to_middledistance to the middle of the space
dist_to_topdistance to top or bottom
iso_accuracyisometric accuracy lines
iso_entropy_curveisometric entropy
iso_negative_predictive_valueisometric negative predictive value lines
iso_precisionisometric precision lines
iso_sensitivityisometric sensitivity lines
iso_specificityisometric specificity lines
n_matricesnormalized confusion matrices
phiDelta.convertConvertion of specificity and sensitivity to phi and delta
phiDelta_from_dataphi delta matrix
phiDelta.plotPlot of phi delta diagram
phiDelta_plot_from_dataphi delta plot of raw statistic data
phiDelta.statsPhi delta statistics from dataframe
rank_statsranking of the features
symmetric_distanceX symmetric distance of a point
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