Man pages for photosynthesis
Model C3 Photosynthesis

A_supplyCO2 supply and demand function (mol / m^2 s)
bakeLeaf parameter temperature responses
baked-classS3 class baked
bake_parS3 class bake_par
CO2_conductanceConductance to CO2 (umol / (m^2 s Pa))
constantsS3 class constants
enviro_parS3 class enviro_par
FvCBFarquhar-von Caemmerer-Berry (FvCB) C3 photosynthesis model
gw2gcConvert g_c (mumol CO2/m^2/s/Pa) to g_w (mumol H2O /m^2/s/Pa)
JJ: Rate of electron transport (umol/m^2/s)
leaf_parS3 class leaf_par
make_parametersMake lists of parameters for 'photosynthesis'
parameter_namesGet vector of parameter names
photosynthesisSimulate C3 photosynthesis
photosynthesis-package'photosynthesis' package
ppm2paConvert pressure from PPM to Pascals
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