Man pages for pid
Process Improvement using Data

boilingpotFull factorial experiments for stove-top boiling of water.
contourPlot2-dimensional contour plot of a factorial design model
distillateflowThe flow rate of distillate from the top of a distillation...
golfFull factorial experiments to maximize a golfer's driving...
grocerySimulation of grocery store profits for a single product
manfactureSimulation of a manufacturing facility's profit when varying...
oildoeIndustrial designed experiment to improve the volumetric heat...
paretoPlotPareto plot (coefficient plot) for a factorial design model
pid-packageProcess Improvement using Data
pollutantWater treatment example from BHH2, Ch 5, Question 19
popcornSimulation of stovetop popcorn cooking
solarSolar panel example from BHH2, Chapter 5, page 230
tradeoffTrade-offs for a specified fractional factorial design
tradeOffTableA trade-off table of fractional factorial designs
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