pinnacle.API: A Wrapper for the Pinnacle API

An interface to the API by Pinnacle that allows Pinnacle customers to interact with the sports market data in R.See <> for more information. The Pinnacle API can be used to place wagers, retrieve line information, retrieve account information.Please be aware that the TOC of Pinnacle apply <>. An account with Pinnacle is necessary to use the Pinnacle API.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorNicholas Jhirad, Marco Blume, Amine Gassem
Date of publication2017-03-22 17:42:48 UTC
MaintainerMarco Blume <>

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AcceptTermsAndConditions Man page
authorization Man page
CheckTermsAndConditions Man page
FixNames Man page
GetAPIEndpoint Man page
GetBetsList Man page
GetClientBalance Man page
GetCurrencies Man page
GetFixtures Man page
GetInrunning Man page
GetLeagues Man page
GetLeaguesByID Man page
GetLine Man page
GetOdds Man page
GetPassword Man page
GetSettledFixtures Man page
GetSettledSpecialFixtures Man page
GetSpecialFixtures Man page
GetSpecialOdds Man page
GetSports Man page
GetUsername Man page
PlaceBet Man page
PlaceParlayBet Man page
SetAPIEndpoint Man page
SetCredentials Man page
showOddsDF Man page

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