Man pages for pipeliner
Machine Learning Pipelines for R

cbind_fastFaster alternative to 'cbind_fast'
check_data_frame_throw_errorValidate ml_pipeline_builder transform method returns...
check_predict_method_throw_errorValidate estimate_model method returns an object with a...
check_unary_func_throw_errorValidate ml_pipeline_builder transform method is a unary...
estimate_modelEstimate machine learning model
func_error_handlerCustom error handler for printing the name of an enclosing...
inv_transform_responseInverse transform machine learning response variable
ml_pipline_builderBuild machine learning pipelines - object oriented API
pipelineBuild machine learning pipelines - functional API
pipelinerpipeliner: machine learning pipelines for R
predict.ml_pipelinePredict method for ML pipelines
predict_modelGenerate machine learning model prediction
process_transform_throw_errorValidate and clean transform function output
transform_featuresTransform machine learning feature variables
transform_responseTransform machine learning response variable
try_pipeline_func_callCustom tryCatch configuration for pipeline segment segment...
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