Man pages for pipenostics
Diagnostics, Reliability and Predictive Maintenance of Pipeline Systems

api5l3tAPI 5L. Values of SMYS and UTS
b31crvlASME B31G. Basic computer program CRVL.BAS
b31gacdASME B31G. Allowable corrosion depth in pipe
b31gaclASME B31G. Allowable corrosion length in pipe
b31gafrASME B31G. A-factor
b31gdataASME B31G. Corrosion state of 12 pipes
b31gdepASME B31G. Design pressure of pipe
b31gmodpfASME B31G. Failure pressure of the corroded pipe (modified)
b31gopsASME B31G. Operational status of pipe
b31gpfASME B31G. Failure pressure of the corroded pipe (original)
b31gsapASME B31G. Safe maximum pressure for the corroded area of...
dnvpfDNV-RP-F101. Failure pressure of the corroded pipe
dropgConsumption drop in pipe
droppPressure drop in pipe
droptTemperature drop in pipe due heat losses
flowlsList all possible flow paths in district heating network
inch_mmMillimeters to inches
kgf_mpaMegapascals to kilogram-force per square
m278hlairMinenergo-278. Heat losses of overhead pipeline segment
m278hlchaMinenergo-278. Heat losses of pipeline segment in channel
m278hlundMinenergo-278. Heat losses of underground pipeline segment
m278insdataMinenergo-278. Thermal conductivity terms of pipe insulation...
m278inshcmMinenergo-278. Thermal conductivity of pipe insulation...
m278soildataMinenergo-278. Thermal conductivity of subsoil surrounding...
m325betaMinenergo-325. Local heat loss coefficient
m325droptMinenergo-325. Temperature drop in pipe due heat losses
m325nhlMinenergo-325. Normative heat losses of pipe
m325nhldataMinenergo-325. Data for normative heat losses of pipe
m325testbenchMinenergo-325. Test bench of district heating network
m325tracebwMinenergo-325. Trace backwards thermal-hydraulic regime for...
m325tracefwMinenergo-325. Trace forwards thermal-hydraulic regime for...
m325tracelineMinenergo-325. Trace thermal-hydraulic regime for linear...
mepofProbability of failure of the corroded pipe within maximum...
mm_inchInches to mm
mpa_kgfKilogram-force per square cm to megapascals
mpa_psiPounds per square inch to megapascals
pcorrcpfPCORRC. Failure pressure of the corroded pipe
pipenosticsDiagnostics, reliability and predictive maintenance of...
psi_mpaMegapascals to pounds per square inch
shell92pfShell92. Failure pressure of the corroded pipe
strderateDNV-RP-F101. De-rate yield stress and tensile strength of...
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