Man pages for pitchRx
Tools for Harnessing 'MLBAM' 'Gameday' Data and Visualizing 'pitchfx'

animateFXAnimate PITCHf/x
exportExport (append) a data.frame to a remote table in a database.
fieldsMaster list of tables and fields returned by 'scrape'
getSnapshotsProduce time sequenced pitch locations from PITCHf/x...
gidsAll MLB Gameday IDs from 2008-2013
interactiveFXUse rgl to visualize PITCHf/x
makeUrlsConstruct Gameday urls based on some parameters.
nonMLBgidsAll non-MLB Gameday IDs from 2008-2013
pitchesSample PITCHf/x Data Set
pitchRxPITCHf/x package
playersAll MLB and MiLB players from 2008 to date
scrapeScrape Major League Baseball's Gameday Data
scrapeFXScrape Major League Baseball's PITCHf/x Data
strikeFXVisualize PITCHf/x strikezones
update_dbUpdate an existing PITCHf/x database
urlsToDataFrameParse XML files into data frame(s)
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