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bhmtraindisruptionBirmingham Train Disruptions, Dec 2016-Feb 2017.
bhmtrainsBirmingham Trains, Dec 2016-Feb 2017.
checkArgumentPerform basic checks on a function argument.
cleanCssValueCleans up a CSS attribute value.
cleanOutlineArgClean the arguments specified for an outline group
containsTextCheck whether a text value is present in another text value.
convertPvtStyleToBasicStyleConvert a pivot table style to a basictabler style.
convertPvtTblToBasicTblConvert a pivot table to a basic table.
exportValueAsReplace the current value with a placeholder during export.
getBlankThemeGet an empty theme for applying no styling to a table.
getCompactThemeGet the compact theme for styling a pivot table.
getDefaultThemeGet the default theme for styling a pivot table.
getLargePlainThemeGet the large plain theme for styling a pivot table.
getNextPositionFind the first value in an array that is larger than the...
getPvtStyleDeclarationsGet pivot table style declarations from a pivot table style.
getSimpleColoredThemeGet a simple coloured theme.
getStandardTableThemeGet the a theme for styling to a pivot table that looks more...
getThemeGet a built-in theme for styling a pivot table.
getXlBorderFromCssBorderConvert CSS border values to those used by the openxlsx...
getXlBorderStyleFromCssBorderConvert CSS border values to those used by the openxlsx...
isNumericValueCheck whether a numeric value is present.
isTextValueCheck whether a text value is present.
oneToNULLConvert a value of 1 to a NULL value.
parseColorConvert a CSS colour into a hex based colour code.
parseCssBorderParse a CSS border value.
parseCssSizeToPtConvert a CSS size value into points.
parseCssSizeToPxConvert a CSS size value into pixels
parseCssStringSplit a CSS attribute value into a vector/array.
parseXlBorderParse an xl-border value.
PivotBatchR6 class the represents a Calculation Batch
PivotBatchCalculatorR6 class that calculates the values for multiple cells in...
PivotBatchStatisticsR6 class that provides summary statistics for batch...
PivotCalculationR6 class that defines a calculation.
PivotCalculationGroupR6 class that defines a group of calculations.
PivotCalculationGroupsR6 class that contains multiple calculation groups.
PivotCalculatorR6 class that computes the value of a cell or cells.
PivotCellR6 class that represents a cell in a pivot table.
PivotCellsR6 class that contains the cells in a pivot table.
PivotDataR6 class that contains named data frames and associated...
PivotDataGroupR6 class that defines a row or column data group.
PivotFilterR6 class that defines a filter condition.
PivotFilterOverridesR6 class that defines a set of filter overrides.
PivotFiltersR6 class that defines a set of filter conditions.
PivotHtmlRendererR6 class that renders a pivot table in HTML.
PivotLatexRendererR6 class that renders a pivot table in Latex.
PivotOpenXlsxRendererR6 class that renders a pivot table into an Excel worksheet.
PivotOpenXlsxStyleR6 class that specifies Excel styling as used by the openxlsx...
PivotOpenXlsxStylesR6 class that defines a collection of Excel styles as used by...
PivotStyleR6 class that specifies styling.
PivotStylesR6 class that defines a collection of styles.
PivotTableR6 class that represents a pivot table.
pivottablerRender a pivot table as a HTML widget.
pivottablerOutputStandard function for Shiny scaffolding.
processIdentifierHandle an identifier that may be illegal (e.g. containing...
processIdentifiersHandle identifiers that may be illegal (e.g. containing...
pvtperfresultsPerformance Comparison Results
pvtperfsummaryPerformance Comparison Summary
qhpvtQuickly render a basic pivot table in HTML.
qlpvtQuickly get a Latex representation of a basic pivot table.
qpvtQuickly build a basic pivot table.
renderBasicTableOutput a table into a package vignette.
renderPivottablerStandard function for Shiny scaffolding.
skipExportingValueShould the current value be skipped during export?
trainstationsTrain Stations
vreConvertSimpleNumericRangeConvert a simple range expression to a standard R logical...
vreGetSingleValueRead the value from a single-valued value range expression.
vreHexToClrConvert a colour in hex format (#RRGGBB) into a list.
vreIsEqualTest if two numeric values are equal within tolerance.
vreIsMatchTest whether a value matches a value range expression.
vreIsSimpleNumericRangeDetermine if a value range expression is a simple range...
vreIsSingleValueDetermine if a value range expression is a single value.
vreScale2ColoursScale a number from a range into a colour gradient.
vreScaleNumberRescale a number from one range into another range.
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