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Create Pivot Tables in R

bhmtraindisruptionBirmingham Train Disruptions, Dec 2016-Feb 2017.
bhmtrainsBirmingham Trains, Dec 2016-Feb 2017.
checkArgumentPerform basic checks on a function argument.
cleanCssValueCleans up a CSS attribute value.
containsTextCheck whether a text value is present in another text value.
getCompactThemeGet the compact theme for styling a pivot table.
getDefaultThemeGet the default theme for styling a pivot table.
getLargePlainThemeGet the large plain theme for styling a pivot table.
getNextPositionFind the first value in an array that is larger than the...
getSimpleColoredThemeGet a simple coloured theme.
getThemeGet a built-in theme for styling a pivot table.
getXlBorderFromCssBorderConvert CSS border values to those used by the openxlsx...
getXlBorderStyleFromCssBorderConvert CSS border values to those used by the openxlsx...
isNumericValueCheck whether a numeric value is present.
isTextValueCheck whether a text value is present.
parseColorConvert a CSS colour into a hex based colour code.
parseCssBorderParse a CSS border value.
parseCssSizeToPtConvert a CSS size value into points.
parseCssSizeToPxConvert a CSS size value into pixels
parseCssStringSplit a CSS attribute value into a vector/array.
parseXlBorderParse an xl-border value.
PivotBatchA class that represents a batch calculation.
PivotBatchCalculatorA class that calculates the values for multiple cells.
PivotBatchStatisticsA class that provides summary statistics for batch...
PivotCalculationA class that defines a calculation.
PivotCalculationGroupA class that defines a group of calculations.
PivotCalculationGroupsA class that contains multiple calculation groups.
PivotCalculatorA class that computes the value of a cell.
PivotCellA class that represents a cell in a pivot table
PivotCellsA class that contains the cells from a pivot table.
PivotDataA class that contains named data frames.
PivotDataGroupA class that defines a row or column heading.
PivotFilterA class that defines a filter condition.
PivotFiltersA class that defines a set of filter conditions
PivotHtmlRendererA class that renders a pivot table in HTML.
PivotLatexRendererA class that renders a pivot table in Latex.
PivotOpenXlsxRendererA class that renders a pivot table into an Excel worksheet.
PivotOpenXlsxStyleA class that specifies Excel styling as used by the openxlsx...
PivotOpenXlsxStylesA class that defines a collection of Excel styles as used by...
PivotStyleA class that specifies styling.
PivotStylesA class that defines a collection of styles.
PivotTableA class that defines a pivot table.
pivottablerRender a pivot table as a HTML widget.
pivottablerOutputStandard function for Shiny scaffolding.
pvtperfresultsPerformance Comparison Results
pvtperfsummaryPerformance Comparison Summary
qhpvtQuickly render a basic pivot table in HTML.
qlpvtQuickly get a Latex representation of a basic pivot table.
qpvtQuickly build a basic pivot table.
renderBasicTableOutput a table into a package vignette.
renderPivottablerStandard function for Shiny scaffolding.
trainstationsTrain Stations
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