Man pages for pkgload
Simulate Package Installation and Attach

check_dep_versionCheck that the version of an imported package satisfies the...
check_suggestedCheck that the version of an suggested package satisfies the...
dev_exampleRun a examples for an in-development function.
dev_helpIn-development help for package loaded with devtools
dev_metaReturn devtools metadata environment
has_testsWas devtools installed with tests?
helpDrop-in replacements for help and ? functions
imports_envReturn imports environment for a package
instGet the installation path of a package
is_dev_packageIs the package currently under development?
load_allLoad complete package.
load_codeLoad R code.
load_dataLoad data.
load_dllLoad a compiled DLL
load_importsLoad all of the imports for a package
ns_envReturn the namespace environment for a package.
package_fileFind file in a package.
packagesHelper functions for working with development packages.
parse_depsParse package dependency strings.
parse_ns_fileParses the NAMESPACE file for a package
pkg_envReturn package environment
pkgtestReturn the path to one of the packages in the devtools test...
run_pkg_hookRun user and package hooks.
system.fileReplacement version of system.file
unloadUnload a package
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