Man pages for planor
Generation of Regular Factorial Designs

alias-methodsSummarize the Design Properties Frame Coercion
bind-methodsBind Two Objects
designfactors-classClass designfactors
designkey-classClass designkey
getDesign-methodsExtract a Design
keymatrix-classClass keymatrix
keyring-classClass keyring
listofdesignkeys-classClass listofdesignkeys
listofkeyrings-classClass listofkeyrings
makedesignkeyTurn Integer Matrices into an Object of Class designkey
pick-methodsExtract a Single Result from a List
planordesign-classClass planordesign
planor.designkeySearch for a Design Key or a Collection of Design Keys a Design from a Design Key Solution
planor.factorsCreate an Object of Class designfactors
planor.harmonizeHarmonize the Factors
planor.modelModel and Estimate Specifications for a Design Search
planor-packageGeneration of Regular Factorial Designs
planor.randomizeRandomize a Factorial Design from an Orthogonal Block...
regular.designConstruct and Randomize a Regular Factorial Design
show-methodsDisplay Objects
summary-methodsSummarize the Design Properties
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