Man pages for plotKML
Visualization of Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Objects in Google Earth

aestheticsPlotting aesthetics parameters
baranjaBaranja hill case study
bigfootBigfoot reports (USA)
check_projectionExtracts the proj4 parameters and checks if the projection...
col2kmlConvert a color strings to the KML format
count.GridTopologyCounts the number of occurrences of a list of vector object...
display.palDisplay a color palette
ebergEbergotzen - soil mapping case study
fmd2001 food-and-mouth epidemic, north Cumbria (UK)
geopathGeopath - shortest trajectory line between two geographic...
getCRSMethods to get the proj4 string
getWikimediaGets EXIF information
gpxbtourGPS log of a bike tour
grid2polyConverts a gridded map to a polygon map
HRprec08Daily precipitation for Croatia for year 2008
HRtemp08Daily temperatures for Croatia for year 2008
kmlWrite to a KML file
kml_compressCompress a KML file with auxiliary files
kml_descriptionGenerate a table description from a data frame
kml_layerWrite objects to a KML connection
kml_legend.barGenerates a legend bar (PNG file)
kml_metadataAdd metadata table to the active layer
kml_openOpen / close a KML file connection
kml_screenAdd a screen overlay
kml.tilesWrite vector object as tiled KML
layer.RasterWrites raster objects to KML
layer.RasterBrickExport a time series of images to KML
layer.SoilProfileCollectionWrites a list of soil profiles to KML
layer.SpatialLinesWrites spatial lines to KML
layer.SpatialPhotoOverlayExports objects of type SpatialPhotoOverlay to KML
layer.SpatialPixelsWrites SpatialPixels or SpatialGrid objects to KML
layer.SpatialPointsWrites spatial points to KML
layer.SpatialPolygonsWrites spatial polygons to KML
layer.STIDFWrite irregular spatio-temporal observations (points, lines...
layer.STTDFWrite a space-time trajectory to KML
legend.whiteningWhitening legend (PNG)
LSTTime series of MODIS LST images
makeCOLLADAGenerate a COLLADA file representing the 3D model of a...
metadata2SLDMethods to create a Styled Layer Description (*SLD*) file
metadata2SLD.SpatialPixelsWrites a Styled Layer Description (*SLD*) file
normalizeFilenameNormalize filename string
northcumbriaPolygon boundary of north Cumbria
plotKMLMethods for plotting results of spatial analysis in Google...
plotKML.envplotKML specific environmental variables / paths
plotKML.GDALobjWrite tiled objects to KML
plotKML-packageVisualization of spatial and spatio-temporal objects in...
RasterBrickSimulationsA class for spatial simulations containing equiprobable...
RasterBrickTimeSeriesA class for a time series of regular grids
readGPXImport GPX (GPS track) files
readKML.GBIFdensityImports GBIF cell density records
reprojectMethods to reproject maps to a referent coordinate system...
SAGA_palColour palettes for numeric variables
SpatialMaxEntOutputA class for outputs of analysis produced using the dismo...
SpatialMetadataA class for spatial metadata
SpatialPhotoOverlayA class for Spatial PhotoOverlay
SpatialPredictionsA class for spatial predictions produced using 'gstat'...
SpatialSamplingPatternA class for spatial samples produced using various 'spsample'...
SpatialVectorsSimulationsA class for spatial simulations containing equiprobable line,...
spMetadataMethods to generate spatial metadata
sp.paletteA class for color palette
spPhotoGenerate an object of class '"SpatialPhotoOverlay"'
vect2rastConvert points, lines and/or polygons to rasters
vect2rast.SpatialPointsConverts points to rasters
worldgrids_palStandard global color palettes for factor variables
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