Man pages for plothelper
New Plots Based on 'ggplot2' and Functions to Create Regular Shapes

ABCxySymmetrical Transformation
add_slash_nAdding Slash_n inside Strings
annotation_shading_polygonLayer for Drawing a Single Irregular Polygon with Shading...
annotation_transparent_textLayer for Transparent Text
ANYxyGenerating Groups of Coordinates for Any Polygon
count_each_columnCounting Each Column and Summarizing in a Matrix
ellipsexyGenerating Coordinates of Multiple Ellipses or Circles
enlarge_rasterEnlarge a Color Matrix
geom_circle_cmGeom Layer for Circle with Absolute Size
geom_ellipse_cmGeom Layer for Ellipse with Absolute Size
geom_rect_cmGeom Layer for Rectangle with Absolute Size
get_gg_labelChecking Min, Max, Labels and Label Positions
gg_shading_barDrawing Barplot with Shading Colors
rectxyGenerating Coordinates of Multiple Rectangles
resize_to_standardResize an Image According to the Other Image or to Ratios
rotatexyRotation Transformation
round_textConverting Numeric Values into Characters with the Same...
scale_freeScale values into a Certain Location
showcolorShow a Color Palette
spathxyReordering Points to Form a "s" Shape
stretchxyStretching Transformation
sunshinexyGenerating Lines Which Link One Points to Many
textgifSimple Text ".gif" File
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