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Various Plotting Functions

ablineclipAdd a straight line to a plot
add.psadd p-values from t-tests
addtable2plotAdd a table of values to a plot
arctextDisplay text on a circular arc
axis.breakPlace a "break" mark on an axis
axis.multDisplay an axis with values having a multiplier
barlabelsLabel the bars on a barplot
barNestDisplay a nested breakdown of numeric values
barpA bar plotting routine
battleship.plotDisplay a matrix of values as the widths of stacked...
binciWBinomial confidence limits
binciWlLower binomial confidence limit
binciWuUpper binomial confidence limit
bin.wind.recordsClassify wind direction and speed records
boxed.labelsPlace labels in boxes
box.heresyDisplay a sort of box plot
brkdnNestPerform a nested breakdown of numeric values
brkdn.plotA point/line plotting routine
bumpchartDisplay a "bumps" chart
categoryReshapeConvert object label/attribute label coding.
centipede.plotDisplay a centipede plot
clean.argsRemove inappropriate arguments from an argument list
clock24.plotPlot values on a 24 hour "clockface"
clplotPlot lines with colors determined by values.
clustered.dotplotsDisplay the frequencies of two categories
cluster.overplotShift overlying points into clusters
color2D.matplotDisplay a numeric matrix as color matrix
color.axisDisplay an axis in a specified color
color.gradientCalculate an arbitrary sequence of colors
color.idIdentify closest match to a color
color.legendLegend matching categories or values to colors
color.scaleTurn values into colors.
color.scale.linesLine segments with scaled colors
corner.labelFind corner locations and optionally display a label
count.overplotShow overlying points as counts
cylindrectDisplay an apparent cylinder
death_regDeath registrations from 1996 to 2010
dendroPlotDisplay distributions as dendrites
diamondplotPlot multiple variables as polygons on a radial grid
dispersionDisplay a measure of dispersion.
do.firstExecute a graphic function on a plot
dotplot.mtbMinitab style dotplots.
draw.arcDraw arc
draw.circleDraw a circle
draw.ellipseDraw ellipse
drawNestedBarsDisplay nested bars
draw.radial.lineDraw a radial line
drawSectorAnnulusDisplay a radial pie sector
draw.tilted.sectorDisplay a 3D pie sector
ehplotEngelmann-Hecker-Plot - EH-Plot
electionAssign party members to seats
emptyspaceFind an empty space on a plot
fan.plotDisplay a fan plot
feather.plotDisplay vectors along a horizontal reference line
fill.cornerFill a "corner" of a matrix with values
floating.pieDisplay a floating pie chart
fullaxisAdd an axis with a line to the edge of the plot
furcPlot a dendrite
gantt.chartDisplay a Gantt chart
gap.barplotDisplay a barplot with a gap (missing range) on one axis
gap.boxplotDisplay a boxplot with a gap (missing range)
gap.plotDisplay a plot with one or two gaps (missing ranges) on one...
get_axispos3dGet axis positions on a 3D plot
get.breaksGet the breakpoints for a weighted histogram
getFigCtrGet coordinates in the figure region in user units.
get.gantt.infoGather the information to create a Gantt chart
getIntersectListEnter a set intersection list
getMarginWidthFind the margin width necessary to fit text or a legend next...
get.segsCalculate the midpoints and limits for a centipede plot
get.soil.textureEnter soil texture data
get.tableposGet the position for a legend or table
get.tripropEnter three proportion data - usually soil textures
getYmultCorrect for aspect and coordinate ratio
gradient.rectDisplay a rectangle filled with an arbitrary color gradient
hexagonDraw a hexagon
histStackHistogram "stacked" by categories
intersectDiagramDisplay set intersections
jiggleCalculate equally spaced values within a range.
joyPlotDisplay a series of density curves.
kiteChartMagnitude by position chart.
labbePlotDisplay a L'Abbe plot
ladderplotLadder Plot
legendgLegend with grouped bars, lines or symbols
lengthKeyKey for interpreting lengths in a plot
listDepthFind the maximum depth of a list
makeDendriteBuild a list of the mutually exclusive attributes of objects
makeIntersectListCount set intersections
maxEmptyRectFind an empty space on a plot
mtext3dDisplay text in the margins of a 3D plot
multhistPlot a multiple histogram, as a barplot
multivariFunction to draw a multivari chart
multsymbolboxDraw boxes filled with symbols
oz.windroseDisplay an Australian wind rose
oz.windrose.legendDisplay an Australian wind rose legend
p2p_arrowsDraw arrows between points
panesPrepare a "panel" type layout
pasteColsPaste the columns of a matrix together
paxis3dDisplay text in the margins of a 3D plot
perspxDisplay perspective plot
pie3DDisplay a 3D pie chart
pie3D.labelsDisplay labels on a 3D pie chart
pie.labelsPlace labels on a pie chart
placeLabelsPlace labels in boxes
plot_bgAdd a background color to a plot
plotCIPlot confidence intervals/error bars
plot.dendritePlot a dendrogram of a dendrite object
plotHScatterplot with histogram-like bars.
plotrix-packageSpecialized plots and plotting accessories
polar.plotPlot values on a circular grid of 0 to 360 degrees
polygon.shadowDisplay a shadow effect for an arbitrary polygon
print.brklistDisplay the output of brkdnNest
propbrkCalculate the proportion of specified values in a vector
psegments3dDraw segments on a 3D plot
ptext3dDisplay text on a 3D plot
pyramid.plotPyramid plot
radial.gridDisplay a radial grid
radial.piePlot sectors/annuli on a circular grid of 0 to 2*pi radians
radial.plotPlot values on a circular grid of 0 to 2*pi radians
radial.plot.labelsDisplay labels on a circular grid
radialtextDisplay text in a radial line
raw.means.plotraw.means.plot: Raw-Means Plots for Experimental Designs
rectFillDraw a rectangle filled with symbols
rescaleScale numbers into a new range
revaxisPlot with axis direction(s) reversed
ruginvAdd an Inverse Rug to a Plot
seatsArrange N seats in M semicircular rows
size_n_colorDisplay circles with specified size and color
sizeplotPlot with repeated symbols by size
sizetreeDisplay a hierarchical breakdown of disjunct categories
sliceArraySlice an array
smoothColorsBuild a vector of color values
soilsSoil texture data from 125 soils
soil.textureSoil texture triangle plot
soil.texture.ukSoil texture triangle plot using UK conventions
spread.labelsSpread labels for irregularly spaced values
spreadoutSpread out a vector of numbers to a minimum interval
stackpolyDisplay the columns of a matrix or data frame as stacked...
staircase.plotDisplay a staircase plot
staircasePlotDisplay a staircase plot
starPieA pie-like graphic object
staxlabPlace staggered or angled labels on an axis
std.errorCalculate standard error of the mean
sumbrkCount specified values in a vector
sumDendriteSum the counts in the top level of a dendrite object
symbolbarplotbarplot filled with symbols
symbolboxDraw a box filled with symbols
tab.titleDisplay the title of a plot as a colored tab
taylor.diagramTaylor diagram
textboxAdd text box
thigmophobeFind the direction away from the closest point
thigmophobe.labelsPlace labels away from the nearest point
triax.ablineLines for triangle plot
triax.fillTriangle plot fill
triax.frameTriangle plot frame
triax.plotTriangle plot
triax.pointsTriangle plot points
tsxposCalculate equispaced x positions.
twoord.plotPlot with two ordinates
twoord.stackplotMultiple (stack) plot with two ordinates
valid.nFind the number of valid (not NA) values
vectorFieldDisplay magnitude/direction vectors
violin_plotDisplay a "violin" plot
weighted.histDisplay a weighted histogram
zoomInPlotDisplay a plot with a rectangular section expanded in an...
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