pls: Partial Least Squares and Principal Component Regression

Multivariate regression methods Partial Least Squares Regression (PLSR), Principal Component Regression (PCR) and Canonical Powered Partial Least Squares (CPPLS).

AuthorBjrn-Helge Mevik, Ron Wehrens and Kristian Hovde Liland
Date of publication2016-12-18 17:46:39
MaintainerBjrn-Helge Mevik <>

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Man pages

biplot.mvr: Biplots of PLSR and PCR Models.

coef.mvr: Extract Information From a Fitted PLSR or PCR Model

coefplot: Plot Regression Coefficients of PLSR and PCR models CPPLS (Indahl et al.)

crossval: Cross-validation of PLSR and PCR models

cvsegments: Generate segments for cross-validation

delete.intercept: Delete intercept from model matrix

gasoline: Octane numbers and NIR spectra of gasoline

jack.test: Jackknife approximate t tests of regression coefficients Kernel PLS (Dayal and MacGregor)

mayonnaise: NIR measurements and oil types of mayonnaise

msc: Multiplicative Scatter Correction

mvr: Partial Least Squares and Principal Component Regression

mvrCv: Cross-validation

mvrVal: MSEP, RMSEP and R2 of PLSR and PCR models

naExcludeMvr: Adjust for Missing Values

oliveoil: Sensory and physico-chemical data of olive oils Orthogonal scores PLSR

plot.mvr: Plot Method for MVR objects

pls.options: Set or return options for the pls package

predict.mvr: Predict Method for PLSR and PCR

predplot: Prediction Plots

scoreplot: Plots of Scores, Loadings and Correlation Loadings

scores: Extract Scores and Loadings from PLSR and PCR Models

selectNcomp: Suggestions for the optimal number of components in PCR and... Sijmen de Jong's SIMPLS

stdize: Standardization of Data Matrices

summary.mvr: Summary and Print Methods for PLSR and PCR objects Principal Component Regression

validationplot: Validation Plots

var.jack: Jackknife Variance Estimates of Regression Coefficients Wide Kernel PLS (Rännar et al.)

yarn: NIR spectra and density measurements of PET yarns

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