Man pages for plsdof
Degrees of Freedom and Statistical Inference for Partial Least Squares Regression

benchmark.plsComparison of model selection criteria for Partial Least...
benchmark.regressionComparison of Partial Least Squares Regression, Principal...
coef.plsdofRegression coefficients
compute.lower.boundLower bound for the Degrees of Freedom
dADerivative of normalization function
dnormalizeDerivative of normalization function
dvvtzFirst derivative of the projection operator
first.local.minimumIndex of the first local minimum.
information.criteriaInformation criteria
kernel.pls.fitKernel Partial Least Squares Fit
krylovKrylov sequence
linear.pls.fitLinear Partial Least Squares Fit
normalizeNormalization of vectors
pcrPrincipal Components Regression
pcr.cvModel selection for Princinpal Components regression based on...
pls.cvModel selection for Partial Least Squares based on...
pls.dofComputation of the Degrees of Freedom
plsdof-packageDegrees of Freedom and Statistical Inference for Partial...
pls.icModel selection for Partial Least Squares based on...
pls.modelPartial Least Squares
ridge.cvRidge Regression.
trTrace of a matrix
vcov.plsdofVariance-covariance matrix
vvtzProjectin operator
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