Man pages for plumbr
Mutable and Dynamic Data Models

accessorsExtraction and Replacement
add_listenerPlumbr events to data.frame
as.list.mutaframeCoercion to list
as.mutaframeCoercion to mutaframe
changedGet the 'changed' signal
combine_data_eventsCombine list of events into single event.
DataSelectionSelection in Data
duplex_data_linkerDuplex linking
is.mutaframeTest for mutaframes
is_pausedIs a mutaframe currently paused?
ItemSelection-classThe 'ItemSelection' class implements 'Selection' for the very...
mutaframeCreate a mutaframe, a mutable data.frame
notify_listenersNotify listeners that data has changed.
pausePause (cache) events.
proxy_bindingsGenerate binding for proxies.
raw_bindingGenerate binding for raw values
raw_bindingsGenerate binding for raw values
RegionSelection-classThe 'ItemSelection' class implements 'Selection' for the...
remove_listenerRemove a listener, identified by the ID returned by...
shape_changedIs the event a shape changed event?
unpauseUnpause (reply) events.
variable_namesMake valid variable names
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