Man pages for pmatch
Pattern Matching

assert_correctly_formed_pattern_expressionRaise an error if a match expression is malformed.
bindDummy object used for generic function dispatching.
case_funcCreates a pattern matching function.
casesDispatches from an expression to a matching pattern
cases_exprCreate an expression that tests patterns against an...
colon-equalsDefine a new data type from a sequence of constructors.
construction_printerPrint a constructed value
copy_envMove the bound variables from one environment into another.
deparse_constructionCreate a string representation from a constructed object
dotdotFunction for specifying a sequence of patterns/expressions
make_match_exprCreate an if-statement for 'cases_expr' and 'cases_expr_'...
pipePipe operator
process_alternativesGoes through a list of |-separated expressions and define...
process_argBuild a tibble form a list of constructor arguments.
process_argumentsConstruct a tibble from all the arguments of a constructor
process_constructorCreate a constructor and put it in an environment.
process_constructor_constantCreate a constant constructor and put it in an environment.
process_constructor_functionCreate a function constructor and put it in an environment.
subset-.pmatch_bindBind variables to pattern-matched expressions.
test_patternTest if a pattern matches an expression
test_pattern_recRecursive comparison of expression and pattern.
transform_cases_callRecursive function for transforming a call 'cases'.
transform_cases_functionTransform a function containing a 'cases' call into one that...
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