Man pages for pmetar
Processing METAR Weather Reports

metar_airportGet airport ICAO, International Civil Aviation Organization,...
metar_cloud_coverageGet cloud coverage information.
metar_dayGet day of month.
metar_decodeDecode METAR report.
metar_dew_pointGet dew point temperature.
metar_dirGet wind direction.
metar_getGet a current METAR report for an airport.
metar_get_historicalGet historical METAR reports.
metar_gustGet gust speed.
metar_hourGet hour and minutes.
metar_iata_icaoConvert between IATA (International Air Transport...
metar_locationGet approximated airport location.
metar_pressureGet atmospheric pressure.
metar_rwy_visibilityGet runway(s) visibility.
metar_speedGet wind speed
metar_tempGet temperature.
metar_time_zoneGet time zone.
metar_visibilityGet visibility information.
metar_windshearGet wind shear information.
metar_wx_codesGet weather conditions information.
metarWXcodesMETAR WX weather conditions codes
mstSecondary airport list
ourairportsMain list of airports
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