Man pages for pogit
Bayesian Variable Selection for a Poisson-Logistic Model

cervicalCervical cancer data
cervical_validationCervical cancer valiation data
logitBvsBayesian variable selection for the binomial logit model
negbinBvsBayesian variable selection for the negative binomial model
plot.pogitPlot an object of class 'pogit'
pogitBvsBayesian variable selection for the Pogit model
pogit-packageBayesian variable selection for a Poisson-Logistic model
poissonBvsBayesian variable selection for the Poisson model
print.pogitPrint an object of class 'pogit'
simul1Simulated data set
simul2Simulated data set
simul_binomialSimulated data set
simul_pois1Simulated data set
simul_pois2Simulated data set
summary.pogitSummary for posterior of a 'pogit' object
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