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Functions for obtaining the density, random deviates and maximum likelihood estimates of the Poisson lognormal distribution and the bivariate Poisson lognormal distribution.


Package: poilog
Type: Package
Version: 0.3
Date: 2007-12-03
License: GPL-3

dpoilog returns the density, rpoilog returns random deviates and poilogMLE performs maximum likelihood estimation of parameters for the Poisson lognormal distribution.

dbipoilog returns the density, rbipoilog returns random deviates and bipoilogMLE performs maximum likelihood estimation of parameters for the bivariate Poisson lognormal distribution.


Vidar Grøtan and Steinar Engen

Maintainer: Vidar Grøtan vidar.grotan@bio.ntnu.no


Bulmer, M. G. 1974. On fitting the Poisson lognormal distribution to species abundance data. Biometrics 30, 651-660.
Engen, S., R. Lande, T. Walla and P. J. DeVries. 2002. Analyzing spatial structure of communities using the two-dimensional Poisson lognormal species abundance model. American Naturalist 160, 60-73.

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