Man pages for poismf
Factorization of Sparse Counts Matrices Through Poisson Likelihood

factorsDetermine latent factors for new rows/users
factors.singleGet latent factors for a new user given her item counts
get.factor.matricesExtract Latent Factor Matrices
get.model.mappingsExtract user/row and item/column mappings from Poisson model.
poismfFactorization of Sparse Counts Matrices through Poisson...
poismf_unsafePoisson factorization with no input casting
predict.poismfPredict expected count for new row(user) and column(item)...
print.poismfGet information about poismf object
summary.poismfGet information about poismf object
topNRank top-N highest-predicted items for an existing user
topN.newRank top-N highest-predicted items for a new user
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